Assessing Wellbeing in Schools

An Educator's Practical Guide to Measuring Wellbeing
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Traditionally, many schools have focused on academic achievement as the primary end of education. As schools increasingly expand their aims to include wellbeing, some have struggled knowing how to translate the growing body of wellbeing research into their daily practice. The purpose of this book is to help educators understand the research behind wellbeing and select appropriate assessments that will begin fostering wellbeing in their context.

The first part of this book will provide you with a foundational understanding of wellbeing in a school context. With this deeper understanding, you are prepared to become the wellbeing expert in your context. With you as the expert, this book will guide you through the process of selecting a valid and reliable measure to assess the wellbeing of your students, teachers, and cultural environment. Lastly, it will offer additional tips about how to implement the evidence you receive into actionable steps.

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