The PERMAH Workplace Survey

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Kern and McQuaid created an online version of the Workplace PERMA-Profiler called The PERMAH Workplace Survey. It measures positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment, and health, along with questions relating to self-determination theory. It takes 2-3 minutes to complete and is available in Arabic and English, with more translations to be completed. This version requires the purchase of a 3, 6, or 12 month license costing $497, $797, or $997 respectively. A license may be used as often and by as many people as desired throughout its duration. An expired license can be renewed or the licensee’s data can be de-identifed . . .  as a .csv file” (The Wellbeing Lab). After the license expires, the organization’s employees can continue to monitor their personal wellbeing with this tool at no cost. With the purchase of any license, scores will be delivered in real time through an online dashboard, which includes “the number of individuals surveyed, aggregate scores for teams and the overall organization and downloadable reports” (R.Caradine, personal communication, November 12, 2019). All responses are anonymous, and the data are de-identified. This survey has been used with more than 13,000 teachers

Pros for Schools

Cons for Schools

Scores returned in real time through an online dashboard
Widely used
Comprehensive view of wellbeing
Availability for individuals to continue to monitor personal wellbeing after license expiration


Suggestions for Further Research

The Wellbeing Lab. (n.d.). Organization version. PERMAH Survey.

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