• Assessing Wellbeing in Schools
  • Introduction
  • A Measure Suited for Your School
  • Measures of Child Wellbeing
  • Measures of Child Wellbeing at School
  • Measures of Adult Wellbeing
  • Measures of Adult Wellbeing at Work
  • Measures of Cultural Wellbeing
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  • The PERMA Profiler

    This measure is for adultsThis is a free measure

    The PERMA profiler is designed to measure the general wellbeing of adults according to Seligman’s PERMA model. This questionnaire measures positive and negative emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment, and health. Participants respond to 23 items on a 10-point Likert scale: For example,  “In general, how often do you feel joyful? . . . How often do you lose track of time while doing something you enjoy?” (Kern, n.d., n.p.). This measure is free for any noncommercial use as long as the appropriate credits are given, but administrators are requested to read through the PERMA Profiler document and register before using the measure. Participants can take the PERMA profiler online by registering at https://edtechbooks.org/-kQI.

    Pros for Schools

    Cons for Schools

    Provides a general overview of wellbeing
    Widely used


    Suggestions for Further Research

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