Justin N. Whiting

Justin Whiting is an Instructional Designer for Intermountain Healthcare and Primary Children’s Hospital, and a Doctoral Candidate at Indiana University. Justin has more than 15 years of industry and higher education experience as a Sr. Corporate Trainer, Associate Instructor, Distance Education Specialist, and Instructional Designer. He has always embraced technology as a way to connect learners around the world, especially outside of formal education. A highlight of his time in graduate school, he worked with other students, faculty members, and administration to design, plan, and then manage the Indiana University, School of Education, Make, Innovate, Learn Lab (MILL) Makerspace https://education.indiana.edu/community/mill/index.html. In his current role, Justin is passionate about getting patients, especially children, the best possible care by developing the best learning experience for healthcare professionals. He has presented and published on a variety of topics such as extreme learning, the role of storytelling in healthcare education, creating learning experiences, what designers can learn from makerspaces, learning from failure, and what we can learn from global virtual choirs.

Publications and Content by Justin N. Whiting