Marné Isakson

Isakson Literacy

Marné has been involved in literacy education since 1969. She earned a BA in English, an MSED in Educational Research, and a Ph.D. in Literacy Education. Her dissertation was awarded the Outstanding Dissertation of the Year 1997 by the International Reading Association. She has taught reading at all levels: Elementary, secondary, community college, university, and professional development. She was named Reading Teacher of the Year three times. She has conducted research on college reading since 2006, developed two academic reading courses, wrote handbooks, helped produce videos and PPT demonstrations of the strategies, and developed a tutoring program for college-bound high school students. After retirement she and her husband started Isakson Literacy, LLC, which offers an online course in academic reading and promotes effective academic reading practices in colleges. She has four children, ten grandchildren, a dog Alfie, and enjoys hiking, swimming, doing family history, and reading, of course.

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