LA 2.4: Providing Evidence / Collective Expertise


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Identify and articulate how your beliefs impact attention to language.

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 45 Minutes

Teachers can develop skills to examine individual students in their own classes so they can develop curriculum and strategies to enhance learning appropriate for English learners.

Students have carefully investigated video clips and content about particular learners. Later in the course they will need to examine a learner’s background and written work to provide a comprehensive analysis. Students are prepared to develop collective expertise through sharing this type of analysis.


  1. With the instructor review the 3 critical learning domains, which specify unique characteristics for ESL students (Cognitive, Social/Affective, and Linguistic). Use this chart for reference/review of these areas and character traits. 
  2. In the group assigned by the instructor, use this chart to answer one of the following questions:
    1. Group One—What are Makoto’s cognitive/academic needs and what is the evidence to support that?
    2. Group Two—What are Makoto’s social/affective needs and what is the evidence to support that?
    3. Group Three—What are Makoto’s linguistic needs and what is the evidence to support that?
  3. The facilitator has posted charts in the room, with the titles of cognitive/academic, social/affective, and linguistic. When you have finished discussing Makoto’s needs and strengths in these areas, go to the chart title you worked on and write your findings on that chart.
  4. Participate in a gallery walk by visiting all the charts and taking notes. If you think something should be added to any of the charts, write it on a sticky note and attach it to the poster. If you agree with what is on the chart, write your initials on the chart.
  5. Discuss as a class the 3 critical learning domains.

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