LA 2.3: Getting to Know a Second Language Learner


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Teachers will connect principles of language identity, usage, and acquisition with a second language learner.

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 30 Minutes

Teachers can learn more about their students by practicing how to study a student, consider their supports and constraints, determine changes that will increase a student’s learning.  The student studied here is presented to all students in common so they can work together to improve their skills.

Students have had their first exposure to key concepts in second language acquisition (Communication, Pattern, and Variability) that will be revisited throughout the course. Using previous knowledge of cognitive, social/affective, and linguistic issues of development, they deepen their understanding of these critical learning domains and connect new learning to actual second language learners.


  1. Today we will consider Makoto and analyze information about her.
  2. For the final in this course you will study one of your students for the same purposes and in the same way as we will consider Makoto. This is practice.
  3. With the instructor, and using the web site , watch together Study One, Makoto.
  4. Make a list of characteristics on this Worksheet that define who she is and what her needs are as a second language.
  5. Read the Critical Incident for Makoto for additional details about her and her needs.
  6. Summarize what you learn on this Worksheet.

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