• Understanding Language Acquisition
  • Session 1: Language and Identity
  • Session 2: Who are Our ELLs? Defining Needs and Strengths
  • Session 3: Current Realities: ESL Programs and Practices
  • Session 4: Creating Comprehensible Input
  • Session 5: The Role of Interaction
  • Session 6: Stages of Development and Errors and Feedback
  • Session 7: Proficiencies and Performances
  • Session 8: Displays of Professional Development
  • Download
  • Translations
  • HW 3.5 Input: Teacher Work


    Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

    Employ theories of acquisition of a primary and new language in instruction.

    Assessment: 50 pts.

    Due: Session 4

    Teachers, by studying one of their own ELL students and learning from the two segments on input, can apply their understanding to prepare lessons to guide students in their learning of English as well as content areas.

    Students have viewed a video segment entitled Input: Student Work. They have also filled out papers for the student they are studying for this course. Now they will view the video segment entitled Input: Teacher work.


    1. Watch the video segment entitled Input: Teacher Work. 
    2. Please take notes on the input page by answering the questions there.
    3. Be sure you understand that both the student and the teacher have work to do in the area of input in the classroom.
    4. You will be working with these issues in session 4.

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