HW 3.4 Knowing My Second Language Learner


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Employ theories of acquisition of a primary and new language in instruction.Develop instructional alternatives to build second language learners’ competence and performance in a variety of contexts.

Assessment: 50 pts.

Due: Session 5

Teachers can study a second language learner based on observation and assessment to determine appropriate actions to take that will promote the child’s learning and academic achievement.

Making valid implications for practice from evidence about second language learners is a central process for understanding and appropriately responding to their needs. Students begin their study of a second language learner in their class. Students collect and evaluate multiple sources of information to construct complete and illuminating descriptions and productive and inclusive implications.


  1. Gather information about thestudent you have chosen to study.
  2. Using the Definitions and Needs Worksheet and the Current Realities Worksheet, record the information you learn.
  3. Analyze this data and record on the bottom of the worksheets the implications for your classroom teaching that include the following:
    1. Collaboration’ from Inclusive Pedagogy
    2. The Second Language Acquisition concepts and principles
    3. Standards for Effective Pedagogy
  4. This assignment will be evaluated in session 5 using the rubric(Scoring Guide)here.
  5. Attach the rubric to your assignment when you bring it in session 5.

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