Session 8: Demonstrating My Knowing of Integrating Content and Language Instruction

Notice how the time is divided for these two final activities. Our thinking for LA 8.1 that as they share their MSDLA in their groups, the time needed may vary. If everyone in a group did their own MSDLA then you need 40-60 min. for them to share. Based on our assumption that you will have five or six groups, having one person from each group share an MSDLA with the entire group, it will take 50 to 60 minutes. You will need to figure out time constraints. 

Remind them they are not ENACTING the centers but TEACHING the MSDLA as a whole to their colleagues. 

In the final activity they have a prompt--which you can write on the board. They write for one minute and then each person shares their ideas with the class. We have allowed 40 minutes because, we assume you will need 5-10 minutes to set up and execute the writing and then 30 minutes for the responses and for you to end the class. 

LA 8.1 (120 min): Sharing Our MSDLAs Assign students to groups of four. If some worked together on this assignment, they need to be in different groups so everyone can present their work. They use whatever they brought to communicate what their centers are about and include how their enactment of them, either all or in part, and how they felt it went. They need to keep between 10 and 15 minutes. After a group finishes, they select one from their group to present their assignment to the whole class. Each will have 10 minutes to present this time. They need to turn in their assignments to you for grading. 

LA 8.2 (40 min): Sharing Development as an ESL Teacher Teachers write a One-Minute Paper (This is an alternative assessment teachers have reviewed during the course and it is found in the Assessment Marketplace linked here. It is the first item). It involves a bit of think time and then one minute to write.  The prompt is:

‘What was the most important thing you learned during this class?” or “What is a hopeful change or the strongest experience you have had in teaching ELs?”

They write for about a minute and then prepare to share their writing. When all are ready, call on one at a time to share their most important idea about their learning or their thinking concerning teaching ELs. We have allowed what they wrote and after this activity, you should collect them—with names attached.  

After this activity, they are done and so are you, right? 

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