Session 8: Revealing My Learning

Sharing Ideas

In Session 8, you will need to bring 8 1/2 x 11 inch cardstock and markers for them to construct a final commitment poster. You also will want to use a timer because presentations have limited time and you will want to automate signalling the movement. 

For this session, there are three activities all involve student presentation and performance. For  LA 8.1 and LA 8.2, teachers present their learning about assessment including a review of the time capsule and a presentation on their unit plan (Assignment and rubrics are found linked at LA 6.5). They do these in slightly different group configurations. At the end of the session, they make a poster on which they make a commitment about what they plan to do to improve their assessment and they share this with the class.

As the groups present in each of the first two activities, move from group to group and listen to reports. 

Since this is the final session, make sure you have reviewed their grades and can inform them of anything they are missing or need to redo.

LA 8.1 (95 min.) My Learning Presentation. Teachers present on their review of their learning for this course. There are two rounds. You should spend time arranging the groups before class and you may want to post group lists on the board. You want every person to present in each round to teachers who were not in the group they have worked with across the course. The other issue for you in this activity is the time. Each presentation is a total of 11 minutes (8 to present their learning and 3 to respond to questions). Since there are 2 rounds the time for a round is 44 minutes--which is a total of 88 minutes combined. We have allotted 100 minutes to provide some wiggle room and for transistions and if it takes a bit of time to get going. Remember to gather their Aha notes. 

LA 8.2 (40 min) Communicating My Unit Plan and My Reasoning. They work in four person groups. Again these should be unique groups that they may have worked in in LA 8.1 but not across the course. Also, each person will present their unit plan but alone and not with their partner so make sure in assignments the partners are in different groups. Each person has 10 minutes to report (if time is becomes an issue, you could reduce the time to 8 minutes for each). 

LA 8.3 (15 min) My Commitment for Assessing Students The teachers will have about 5-8 minutes to use the markers and in some way express their commitment to better assessing students and supporting EL learning. (Since the time is short, you could have directions for these posters posted on the board, ask teachers as they come in to think about their commitments and even begin on posters). To end this activity, you will call each person's name and have them stand and hold up their commitment and call out the commitment. You can indicate a starting place and a route through the class and indicate that you want each person to stand and hold up their card and then call our their name and their commitment. You can have people remain standing after they call out their commitment so that by the end everyone is standing. If you want you can put an affirmation on the board, like English Learners will make our future or whatever you would like. That ends the class. 

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