Session 7: Proficiencies and Performances

LA 7.1 (30 min) Discussing VariabilityTeachers will refer to the video segments and response sheets they used in HW 6.4. Form groups based on the critical incident they read, no more than 3 or 4 per group. They need to follow the directions in numbers 4 and 5 on the instruction sheet.  Have a short discussion after they have finished. 

LA 7.2 (45 min) Readings about Variability—This is a jigsaw activity. Assign each teacher to read an article and have them get in expert groups of the same article. They need to discuss what they read and create a visual to represent their article.  Remind them that each of them must replicate the visual they created so they can take it to their mixed article group. Be sure each person has the copy of their article and the note sheet.  They will be moved to groups of 5, and each person shares their visual and explains their article for no more than 5 minutes each.  They need to take notes on important ideas from each article. 

LA 7.3 (45 min) Variability MatrixEach teacher needs a copy of the variability matrix. They fill out this matrix on the student they are studying based on information they have gathered. There are 45 minutes allowed for this, so they should be able to give much detail, as session 8 is the final class in the course.  On the back of the matrix, have teachers answer the two questions at the end of the learning activity.  

LA 7.4 (25 min) Getting to Know English Language Learners—Teachers are given time to share what they learned from interviewing an adult English Language Learner from HW 1.6. They need to be on groups of 5, each teacher taking turns sharing what the learned from this interview, and not going over 25 minutes. 

LA 7.5 (20 min) Understanding the Final Display—This is the last opportunity for you to be sure teachers understand all parts of the final project, the Individual Language Development Plan. The papers to point out to them are within the LA 7.5 folder.  They are entitled: ILDP Student Background, Individualized Language Development Plan, and the Project Outline.  These will be very helpful for teachers to refer to as they complete the Plan and prepare to present it. 

HW 7.1—This is the weekly reflection they have been working on.  They should be sure that they have completed all 8 of these as they are worth a total of 800 points. They should send this Session 8to you before session 8 ends. 

The LA 7.5 and HW 1.7 constitute the homework for this session. 

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