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List of Authors

Author NameAffiliation
Alyssa EricksonBrigham Young University
Arpit BawaPurdue University
Bekki BrauBrigham Young University
Bill KemsleyBrigham Young University
Bohdana Allman-
Cade DoppBrigham Young University
Daniela Castellanos-ReyesPurdue University
David DanielBrigham Young University
Dennis WestBrigham Young University
Elizabeth RobinsonBrigham Young University
Enoch HunsakerBrigham Young University
Esther MichelaUniversity of Tennessee
Holly FiockPurdue University
Jeanine LundellBrigham Young University
Jesse WelshBrigham Young University
Justin R. EvansBrigham Young University
Matt KarlsvenBrigham Young University
Matthew ArmstrongBrigham Young University
Nathan FoxBrigham Young University
Phillip Isaac PflegerBrigham Young University
Royce KimmonsBrigham Young University
Secil CaskurluMichigan State University
Spencer B. PerryBrigham Young University
Susanna FullmerBrigham Young University

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