• Developing Second Language Literacy
  • Welcome to TELL
  • Session 1: Analyzing My Literacy Background
  • Session 2: Increasing Awareness of Language, Literacy, and Power
  • Session 3: Designing a Literacy-Focused Classroom
  • Session 4: Building Knowledge of Academic Language
  • Session 5: Assisting Students in Understanding and Constructing Texts
  • Session 6: Intentionally Teaching Writing in Content Area Instruction
  • Session 7: Critiquing, Reviewing, Editing, Revising My Unit Plan
  • Session 8: Sharing My Learning
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  • LA 3.3 Examining Literacy Guidelines

    Sharing and analyzing your assets


    Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

    Employ a variety of strategies, materials and resources in standards based ESL and content instruction

    Assessment: 25 pts.

    TA: 30 Minutes

    Teachers, when armed with the knowledge included in the Literacy Guidelines for ELLs, can support their students at a much higher level as they incorporate the guidelines in their content and literacy lessons.

    Students are learning about literacy for ELs and and will attend to developing literacy skills in these students as they study the Literacy Guidelines for ELLs.


      1. Review your copy of the Literacy Guidelines in your group of four (Link to TELL TOOLS book, scroll down to Literacy Guidelines Tool and Explanation Document).

      2. Click on the Constructing Meaning of the Literacy Guidelines document. Working together complete the 3 charts.

      3. As you work, discuss each of the overarching concepts and the two principles attached to each.

      4. Look at the strategies on the back of the chart. These strategies are for teacher and students to use. Use the bottom of the document to write down any strategies that you don't understand.

      5. Your knowledge of how to develop a literacy-rich and literacy-focused classroom and activities will enable you to support the content learning and the language and literacy development of the ELs you teach. 

      This content is provided to you freely by BYU Open Learning Network.

      Access it online or download it at https://open.byu.edu/second_language_literacy/la_34_examining_lite.