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CoverLicensing InformationContributing Authors1. Let's Get Writing1.1. The 5 C Guidelines1.2. How to Write Articles Quickly and Expertly2. Critical Thinking2.1. Critical Thinking in the Classroom2.2. Necessary and Sufficient Conditions2.3. Good Logic3. APA for Novices3.1. Hoops and Barriers3.2. Crafts and Puzzles3.3. The Papers Trail3.4. The Fine Art of Sentencing3.5. Hurdles3.6. Small Stressors4. Literature Reviews4.1. Introduction to Literature Reviews4.2. What is a Literature Review?4.3. How to Get Started4.4. Where to Find the Literature4.5. Evaluating Sources4.6. Documenting Sources4.7. Synthesizing Sources4.8. Writing the Literature Review4.9. Concluding Thoughts on Literature ReviewsTechnical TutorialsConstructing an Annotated Bibliography with ZoteroExtracting Resource Metadata from a Citation List with AnyStyle.ioExporting Zotero to a SpreadsheetAppendicesAPA 7 Job AidIndex of Topics
Rapid Academic Writing

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