Welcome to the TELL Practicum Guide

We are delighted that you have chosen to add the ESL Endorsement to your Teacher Certification program. Completion of  TELL 442R (the practicum) is the final step in the process and provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate in your interaction with English Learners (ELs), or Emergenct Bilinguals (EBs), all that you know about meeting their needs and capitalizing on the strengths of these students as you move them forward in developing language and literacy skills, developing academic vocabulary, and acquiring content knowledge. The program and its learning outcomes enable you to meet the USBE ESL Standards (You will find them listed in Appendix C in this book) We have intentionally made this program a minor (K-12 TESOL Minor) so that it travels with you since you may teach somewhere other than Utah and so that it can potentially expand your teaching opportunity since it is a K-12 endorsement. The courses are designed to teach you what is needed to meet the ESL standards.  While the standards listed are specific to Utah and BYU, most states have similar standards and meeting the standards in this program will most likely transfer to other states or contexts. 

During the practicum you will work with ELs under the guidance of a mentor teacher and a university supervisor. It is important for you to know that not all of these ELs will be new immigrants and they will perform at various WIDA levels. Your task is to support all the ELs you work with in moving forward in their language and literacy competencies. Your supervisors will observe you using the PAES form. An annotated form of the PAES is found in Appendix B in this book. We have annotated the PAES form that is used for all observations of you as a teacher in this program. The annotation articulates how the various competencies are relevant to teaching ELs. Both your mentor teacher and your university supervisor must submit both an informal and a formal PAES. It is the formal PAES we rely on to document your teaching skill and prowess in meeting the needs of English Learners.

The five assignments you complete for the practicum are found in this book. Each chapter describes an assignment and its purpose. In addition The documents you will need to support you in completing the assignments are found in Learning Suite and are linked in the individual chapters. In this book, we have articulated which learning outcomes are met by the assignment. Every assignment includes a reflection. The purpose of the reflection is for you to demonstrate your learning from the assignment and your understanding of the principles and theories needed in meeting the needs of English Learners. All assignments have a reflection. Guidelines and rubrics for the reflection are in Appendix A. 

This EdTech book contains all of the assignments you need to complete during The TELL 447R Practicum. It also includes other sections that contain information you will need access to. The five assignments are explained and all relevant information and forms are linked on that page. There are five assignments for you to complete. At the bottom of this page are two links. The first provides a description of each of the five assignments Below this page, you will be introduced to each of the assignments and their due dates. 

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