Pre-Homework Due Session 1


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Employ strategies to empower parents/families to participate in their child’s education.

Assessment: 25 pts.

Due: Session 1

Teachers can prepare to begin this course. They need to complete 3 items and bring them to the first session.

After learning about culture, second language acquisition, assessment, developing ELs' literacy and integrating content and language, they are now ready to learn about how to engage parents and family in a child's education and how to link schools, families, and communities. 


  1. Find 2-3 items belonging to you that you feel connect to your personal and family cultures. Bring them with you to the session 1.  Also, write a one-page description of the three items and explain why you feel they represent your personal and family cultures. Be ready to share at least one of your items with classmates.
  2. Follow this link to the Teaching Tolerance website. You will download the Teacher Voices Worksheet (which is a Common Beliefs Survey) and fill it out. Bring it to class and turn it in to your facilitator.

  3. Locate and bring the asset map you completed in the Foundations Course.  If you haven’t taken that course or can’t locate your asset map, use the supplied forms to create a new one (Asset Map Instructions, Asset Map Outline, Example).  Be sure you have it with you for session 1.

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