LA 6.4: Learning About ESSA Plans

Every Student Succeeds Act


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Provide support and advocacy for ELLs and their families.  

Employ strategies to empower parents/families to participate in their child’s education. 

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 25 Minutes

Teachers can assist their school in creating appropriate ESSA plans that align with district and state plans to enable ELs to achieve highly in academics. 

Students will learn about the requirements of ESSA by reading two articles.  They will become familiar with the requirements for school and district, and state ESSA plans.


  1. In groups of 4, each pair of students will read one of the two article summaries about ESSA.  Article one (Report from the National Urban League on how States’ ESSA Plans Rate in Promoting Equity?) is linked here and the second an ESSA summary from the US Department of Education is here
  2. Discuss your reading and prepare to share it with the other pair in your group.
  3. Each pair will share the information from their reading with the other pair. 
  4. Now look at the information sheet entitled Required Under ESSA and Optional Under ESSA.  Discuss what you learn from these.
  5. As you talk together, discuss what these documents mean for educational practice in your classroom, in your school, in the district, or at the state level. 

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