LA 4.3: How WIDA Can Help Parents


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Demonstrate knowledge of how to use family and community members as a resource in learning. 

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 20 Minutes

Teachers can assist parents in understanding exactly what they can do to work with their child at home by using WIDA parent resources.

Students are familiar with WIDA and the testing their students are given. They will now look at the WIDA website attending to the Can-do descriptors, and then search the parent resources for ideas in helping students’ families to understand language learning levels and how to help their child in learning.


  1. In your group, go to the portion of the WIDA website that provides information about Can-do descriptors for various grades and levels. This link will take you there. 
  2. After you review the Can-do Descriptors, go to the WIDA resources website from this link. Click on download and read through the information about engaging families.
  3. Discuss in your group the resources you found and how you will use them in your work with parents.   
  4. Be prepared to share your ideas with the whole group. 

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