LA 2.6: Title 1 Law

Aligning Practices with Federal Law


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Acknowledge and follow local, state and federal laws and policies as they pertain to ELLs and their families.

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 45 Minutes

Teachers can serve students better when they understand the requirements of federal laws pertaining to the students they teach.

Students learn of the Title 1 Law which applies to all Title 1 schools in the country.  They will compare this law with their own schools and be able to bring up the conversation in their school.


  1. In your group of four, you will read one of two readings that inform you about Title 1 Law and your responsibilities. Two of you will read What is Title 1 and two of you will read Title 1 Special Populations requirements.Take notes on the article you read, confer with your partner, and be prepared to report what your group members. 
  2. Share questions you have about how your schools are functioning in relationship to what you have learned within a whole class discussion. 

  3. Working individually,  fill out the compliance questionnaire used by the USBE to evaluate school compliance with Titlle 1 Law. Discuss your questions and learning within your group. Take this form with you to share with other school personnel at your school. Next week, the faciliatator will ask you to share your colleagues thinking about Title 1 law in relationship to your school and your district. 

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