HW 5.2: Exploring My Own Socioeconomic Class

Economic Stories of Our Lives


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Communicate a personal acceptance of and acknowledge the dynamics of culture in the lives of all students.

Assessment: 50 pts.

Due: Session 6

Teachers can, with new knowledge gained in this course, apply what they have learned to better support students and families they presently work with.

Students have learned about people who live in trauma, poverty, and homelessness.  They will now identify the socioeconomic class in which they grew up, and consider the socioeconomic class they now identify with.


  1. Write an autobiographical sketch about the socioeconomic class in which you grew up.
  2. Then, consider the following questions, and write your answers to them:
    1. What factors do you identify with in the class you reference?
    2. With what class do you now, as an adult, identify yourself? 
    3. How do these class-based identities influence your professional practice?
    4.  If your socioeconomic class is very different from that of your students, how can you connect with them?
  3. Bring this sketch with you to session 6 to share in small groups. 
  4. After the sharing in class, turn the sketch in to the facilitator.

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