HW 2.5: Research Facts about Your School

What are the Facts?

Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Candidates provide support and advocacy for ELLs and their families and understand the history, laws, and policies of ESL teaching.

Assessment: 50 pts.

Due: Session 3

Teachers gain understandings about their school demographics testing reslults and can use the knowledge presented and learned from USOE and from the school field trip to better support families and students in educating children.

Students have assessed the welcoming patterns for their school and will now find statistical information regarding the school’s demographics and test ratings.


  1. Go to the Utah State Board of Education website and search for the most recent data posted on your school.  Find the facts about race, ethnicity, languages spoken, free and reduced lunch, etc. Record what you find on the Compliance Data worksheet.
  2. Look for the most recent testing data for your school. What rating did your school earn in the latest testing round? (Your district potentially provides a yearly report that may give you additional information.) 
  3. Study the summary of OCR compliance memo and Guidance suggestions,   Determine if your school may have an issue or two in complying with OCR.  Consider what is important for equity in the education of every student in your school. Use the Ensuring Participation worksheet to record your work.
  4. Bring this work to session 3 to support your discussion in LA 3.3 and begin your thinking about your Partnership Plan.

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