HW 2.4: Go On a School Field Trip

Considering School Practices


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Candidates provide support and advocacy for ELLs and their families and understand the history, laws, and policies of ESL teaching.

Assessment: 50 pts.

Due: Session 3

Teachers can use their learning to observe how their school succeeds or not  in the work of welcoming students and families to the school and supporting student learning.

Students have studied about assumptions, privilege, and conscious and unconscious bias.  They will now visit places in their school to assess how well their school makes people feel welcome.


  1. You have reviewed the National PTA standards. Think about what you learned as you engage in a field trip of your school to examine how welcoming and easily accessible your school might be to those coming to it.
  2. Select places in your school to observe to see how welcoming personnel is to parents and families. In addition, as you move from place to place, observe the interactions you see and also consider the signs on the walls. Possible places to visit are:
    1. The school office
    2. Hallways
    3. Library
    4. Faculty room
    5. PLC conversations
    6. Cafeteria
    7. Open spaces
  3. Sit or stand in the places you choose and notice how quickly parents and visitors are assisted with what they need.  Note clues to the attitudes and willingness to help diverse people quickly. Are some made to wait? Are they greeted with smiles?  Does the staff treat all visitors in the same way? 

  4. Take notes on what you see and hear.  Note if some people are ignored or dealt with on a surface level.  Write your observations  and bring them with you to session 3. 


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