HW 1.4 Explaining the Assets in My School Neighborhood


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Demonstrate knowledge of how to use family and community members as a resource in learning.

Assessment: 50pts.

Due: Session 2

Teachers can identify the assets of their school neighborhood community and explain them to others using this information to  support families and students within their community and school neighborhood and connect families to them and each other. 

Students have shared their asset maps and viewed the asset maps of others to prompt them to add additional assets and to be prepared to explain the assets in their neighborhood in relationship to their maps. 


  1. You constructed an Asset Map in the Foundations Course or you created one in LA 1.2 (Here is the explanation sheet if you need it as you refine the map). Use the color coding identified in the explanation sheet in terms of each of the six categories:
    • Kinship--blue 
    • Economic--brown
    • Education--yellow
    • Political--orange
    • Religious--purple
    • Associations--green 

2. Then look at the assessment map example and the explanation for it by following these links.

3. Write a one-two-page paper to explain the community assets in your school's neighborhood.

4. Be sure to bring your own asset map and explanation to session 2.

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