Truth—Is as Old as God— by Emily Dickinson


Emily Dickinson was an American poet known for her unique style and themes of death and mortalityShe lived much of her life in isolation, and while she was a prolific writer, only a few of her poems were published during her lifetimeHer poem “Truth Is as Old as God” is a profound meditation on the nature of truth and its relationship to the divine. In this poem, Dickinson presents truth as an eternal entity, co-existing with God. The poem suggests that truth, like God, is timeless and will endure as long as God doesIt’s a powerful exploration of the divine nature of truth, and by seeking truth, Dickinson suggests, we are seeking a deeper understanding of the divine.

Truth — is as old as God —
His Twin identity
And will endure as long as He
A Co-Eternity —

And perish on the Day
Himself is borne away
From Mansion of the Universe
A lifeless Deity.

Reflection Questions

  1. How does Dickinson portray the relationship between truth and God in the poem?
  2. What does the poem suggest about the nature and significance of truth?
  3. How does the poem reflect Dickinson’s broader themes of mortality and the divine?

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