• Foundations of Learning and Instructional Design Technology
  • I. Definitions and History
  • II. Learning and Instruction
  • III. Design
  • IV. Technology and Media
  • V. Becoming an LIDT Professional
  • VI. Preparing for an LIDT Career
  • Final Reading Assignment
  • Index of Topics
  • 998. Interviews with Design-Based Researchers (Videos)
  • K-12 Blended Teaching Competencies
  • Preface and About This Book
  • Appendix B: Research
  • Download
  • Translations
  • VI. Preparing for an LIDT Career

    Two of the most common questions students have when they enter an LIDT graduate program is what kinds of careers will be available to them after graduation, and how can they prepare for those careers? This section focuses on answering those questions. There are many more careers possible with an LIDT degree than those represented here, and additional chapters may be added in the future. The next question is for you to answer: What type of career do you want to have?

    LIDT Careers

    For further information about career paths in the LIDT field, including videos about different job sectors within the field, focused on BYU IPT alumni, please visit the EdTech Careers Job Sectors page.

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    What Are the Skills of an Instructional Designer?Careers in Academia: The Secret HandshakeCareers in K-12 EducationCareers in Museum LearningCareers in Consulting

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