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    Legal description
    Foundations of Learning and Instructional Design Technology
    Qualitative Inquiry in Daily Life
    The K-12 Educational Technology Handbook
    The Students' Guide to Learning Design and Research
    Rapid Academic Writing
    The EdTech Books User Guide
    Visuals in Learning Design
    Education Research
    K-12 Blended Teaching
    Academic B Writing
    50 Years of Education Research Trends
    Creating the Virtuous Organization
    Student-Centered Approaches in K–12 and Higher Education
    General College Chemistry
    Grammaire Ouverte
    K-12 Blended Teaching: English Language Arts Edition
    K-12 Blended Teaching: Social Studies Edition
    K-12 Blended Teaching: Elementary Education Edition
    K-12 Blended Teaching: Math Edition
    K-12 Blended Teaching: Science Edition
    Light + Learning
    General College Chemistry
    Introduction à la linguistique française
    Italiano Avanzato
    History of the Fine Arts: Visual Art
    Discovering the Humanities