LA 3.4 Learning to Attend to Vocabulary in Making Concepts Comprehensible

Communicating Understandings With One Another


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Employ a variety of strategies, materials and resources in standards-based ESL and content instruction.

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 15 Minutes

Teachers can apply what the learned from homework pertaining to academic vocabulary and how to teach vocabulary in their work with ELs.

Students have read about text mdification and academic vocabulary, including a video segment and an article by Paul Nations. Now they will discuss their learning with one another.


1. In your group, discuss your learning from watching a video on vocabulary and reading an article.

2. Use your notes from both the video and the article to inform your ideas. Share things that rang true to you, things that were new to you, and things you had questions about. Try to answer those questions.

3. Consider the Vocabulary that will be necessary for students to understand the texts you assign and communicate their understanding.  

4. Discuss how your will make decisions about the three ways your approach vocabulary in your MSDLA: Direct Instruction of Words, Glossary for meaning, Interaction that requires the use of vocabulary. 

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