HW 1.4 Reviewing Major Assignments

Designing MSDLAs & Presenting a Standard for Effective Pedagogy


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position
  • Use language and content objectives in teaching standards-based ESL instruction and the Utah Core Curriculum.
  • Demonstrate ability to plan standards-based ESL and content instruction.

Assessment: 50 pts.

Due: Session 2

Teachers can develp knowledge and curriculum to teach ELs

Students have been introduced to the major projects for this course. They will review the specifics of each project, writing questions to ask  next week.


  1. Review the three documents relevant to designing MSDLAs and come prepared with questions about anything you need clarification on (MSDLA Description and Checklist, Overview and Plans for Each Activity Center, MSDLA Documentation of knowledge and the Rubric for evaluation). 
  2. This assignment allows you to demonstrate everything your have learned about teaching ELs and as a result it has many parts. However, we will work on this assignment across the course and it will be less ambiguous as you work on it. 
  3. Identify a standard from the State Core in a content area, a content unit that would be strengthened by using MSDLAs, or a topic for a unit you want to develop. Turn the topic into the facilitator in Session 2. 
  4. Review the assignment specifications and checklist for teaching one of the Standards for Effective Pedagogy  to your peers, where you will and come prepared with questions that can support you in developing a lesson to teach your peers about the Standards for Effective Pedagogy. Find links to each assignment, including rubrics/scoring guides that go with each project.

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