HW 2.6 Deepening Knowledge for Promoting Academic Vocabulary

Connecting Learning from Experience, Digital Media and Readings


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Employ a variety of strategies, materials and resources in standards based ESL and content instruction

Assessment: 50 points

Due in Session 3

Teachers who understand EL students' difficulty with academic vocabulary can make text modifications and teach vocabulary in ways that assist student learning.

Students have been introduced to vocabulary issues in relation to EL's learning. Now they will watch a video about vocabulary to add to their understanding.


1.  Watch the literacy 7.1 video you will find by following these directions;

  • go to education.byu.edu/tell materials and go to materials.
  • A menu comes down and click on TELL 430 Developing 2nd Language Literacy.
  • Then select video 7.1 and click on the first bullet.
  • Scroll up to the picture and begin the video.

2. As you watch and listen, take notes on things that speak to you in your work with ELs. What resounds with your thinking? What is new to you, but interesting? 

3. After the video, read the article by Paul Nations on vocabulary, This article explains vocabulary in terms of form, meaning, and use. Take notes on each of these three topics and be sure you understand them.

Bring both sets of notes with you to session 3.

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