HW 4.4 Developing Rubrics for Informal Assessments to Evaluate EL Learning

Reviewing Knowledge of Creating Assessments and Rubrics


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Use language and content objectives in teaching standards-based ESL instruction and State Core Curriculum.

Assessment: 50 pts.

Due: Session 5

Teachers can use their knowledge of informal assessment to develop rubrics to assess whether students understand the content and are developing language and literacy skill. 

Students have developed knowledge of how to assess student learning formally and informally. They are ready to think of applying assessment ideas to activity centers.


  1. In this homework, you will review the Assessment Literacy Tool and Checklist document (The explanation is linked here.) Use the tool, explanation and checklist to think about the informal assessment products students are producing in each of your centers. Take notes about adjustments you might like to make or thinking about assessment your consideration prompts.
  2. When we use informal assessments, project based learning, or other assignments rubrics are invaluable. You learned about and constructed rubrics in the assessment course. 
  3. In this homework, we have provide four links to refresh your memory and increase your skill in developing rubric. Look at any of these items you think would be helpful to you. The first is a link to a short (5 min.) youtube video: https://equitypress.org/-cwc . The second if from the University of Colorado: Denver https://equitypress.org/-nyY . (I found What is a rubric? and Creating a Rubric modules most helpful.) The third is a short article by Heidi Goodrich Andrade linked here.
  4. Again, use this information to develop or refine the scoring guides for any of products produced within an MSDLA. 

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