HW 3.5 Reviewing Knowledge about Text Structures

Learning from Reviewing Videos


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Employ a variety of strategies, materials and resources in standards-based ESL and content instruction.

Assessment: 50 pts.

Due: Session 4

Teachers can build on their knowledge of choosing and using texts to support student learning. 

Students have developed knowledge of how to promote ELs language and literacy development in their regular classroom. They are positioned to review earlier learning to strengthen and deepen their knowledge. 


  1. In the literacy course you watched a video on text structures. In this homework, you will review that video and think about it in terms of the corpus studies, the development of academic language and designing MSDLAs to promote content and language learning.
  2. This link will take you to the page that contains the video: https://equitypress.org/-tNUb When you get to the page there will be a video screen at the top. Scroll down until you find the list of Video Segments. You will be watching the complete video segment for Session 8: The Role and Variety of Texts. Click on the Video and then scroll up to the video screen and watch the video. 
  3. As you watch, take notes about the ideas you found interesting, new insights you considered, and adjustments considering texts you select for your classroom.

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