HW 3.4 Developing Language Objectives

Learning to create stronger language and content objectives in teaching ELs


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Use language and content objectives in teaching standards-based ESL instruction and State Core Curriculum.

Assessment: 50 pts.

Due: Session 4

Teachers can use their knowledge of planning and teaching lessons using objectives to meet state standards. They can now write language objectives that will enable them to better promote the development of language and literacy as they teach content. 

Students have developed knowledge of how to promote ELLs language and literacy development in their regular classroom. They are positioned to create better language and content objectives to support their instruction. 


  1. Access the article by Jennifer Himmel, Language objectives: The key to effective content area instruction for English Learners at https://equitypress.org/-BSX. (This is an informative website with lots of useful and practical information so you might want to skim the site beyond this article.)

  2. Read the first three sections: Language objectives an overview, Writing language objecitve, Aligning language objectives and standards. Use this worksheet to guide your reading and take notes. 

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