Session Four: Strengthening Curriculum by Adjusting for ELs

LA 4.1 Sharing My Learning and Professional DevelopmentLA 4.2 Presentation on SEP--Challenging ActivitiesLA 4.3 Reviewing My Objectives to Strengthen Them LA 4.4 Considering Funds of Knowledge Among My StudentsLA 4.5 Examining Your Texts And Your Strategies in Making them ComprehensibleLA 4.6 Sharing Strategies by Reviewing Promotional FlyersLA 4.X Consulting with Facilitator on Presenting--Joint Productive Activity (JPA)HW 4.1 Reflection on My Practice in Developing ELs Content and Language ProficiencyHW 4.2 Learning Teaching through Multi-media Cases and Expert Perspectives HW 4.3 Gaining an Understanding of Making Content Comprehensible HW 4.4 Developing Rubrics for Informal Assessments to Evaluate EL LearningHW 4.5 Developing Students' Thinking Skills

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