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Author List

Each author who has contributed to this book is listed below in alphabetical order, and links are provided to each author's contributions.

Author NameAffiliation
Ai-Chu Elisha DingBall State University
Angelo Fernando-
Cassie RaulstonUniversity of Montevallo
Danielle ShermanSt. Charles Borromeo Catholic School
David R. HillUniversity of Michigan - Dearborn
Diana FentonSt. John's University
Enoch HunsakerBrigham Young University
Esther MichelaUniversity of Tennessee
George SiemensUniversity of Texas - Arlington
Jennifer Alexiou-RayUniversity of Montevallo
Jui-Hsin Renee HungIndiana University
Mary Jeanne Olexa SmithSaint Genevieve School
Mike KarlinIndiana University
Rachelle Dené Poth-
Royce KimmonsBrigham Young University
Ruth OkoyeThe Source for Learning
Sherri JohnstonClovis Unified School District
Stein BrunvandUniversity of Michigan
Vikram RaviBrigham Young University
Ya-Huei LuEast Carolina University
Yin-Chan Janet LiaoUniversity of Chicago

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