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    SeriesK-12 Blended Teaching
    LicenseCC BY
    Bridgette Joskow

    George Mason University

    Bridgette Joskow is a Fairfax County Public Schools 5th grade teacher. She is originally from New York, which is where she received her undergraduate degree in Early Childhood and Childhood from SUNY New Paltz. After moving to Fairfax County Virginia, she began teaching 5th grade, which she has taught for the last 8 years. Once she got her feet in the classroom and began working with a diverse range of students, she became enthralled with the idea that technology can bring students with learning disabilities to the same level as their General Education peer. This led Bridgette to go on and graduate with her Masters Degree in Blended and Online Learning from George Mason University. In 2021 Bridgette was nominated for the Fairfax County Public Schools Outstanding Teacher Award. Bridgette's current goals are to help her students rise into being collaborative and independent learners as well as support other educators in engaging and building blended learning communities in their classrooms. She enjoys creating new and engaging projects that give students choice and ownership over their learning.
    Jered Borup

    George Mason University

    Jered Borup is the professor-in-charge of George Mason University's Blended and Online Learning in Schools Master's and Certificate programs that are devoted to improving teacher practices in online and blended learning environments. Previous to earning his Ph.D. at Brigham Young University, Jered taught history at a junior high school for six years. He has also taught online and blended courses since 2008. His current research interests include developing online learning communities and identifying support systems that adolescent learners require to be successful in online environments. A full list of his publications can be found at https://sites.google.com/site/jeredborup/

    Chawanna Bethany Chambers
    Dr. Chawanna B. Chambers is a national award-winning and board-certified PK-20 career educator with teaching experience spanning primary, secondary, and higher education. She has taught K-12 English online, coordinated Title I after-school tutoring programs, served as a reading intervention teacher, planned & facilitated advisory programs, developed curriculum, supported teachers as an instructional coach, published educational research, and served in several other leadership capacities. In addition to being named New Teacher of the Year in 2009 and receiving the Principal’s Award on her campus in 2010, the National Council for Teachers of English awarded her with one of its 2010 Early Career Educator awards. Chawanna was a class of 2018 New Leaders Council San Antonio fellow and 2019 Leadership SAISD cohort member. Chawanna, known as Dr. Chae to many, thrives at the intersection of educational theory and practice. Understanding students’ experiences in school is integral to delivering what will help create a lifetime of meaningful success and joy for each of them. Using research and relationships as the cornerstone of her work, she works to design learning environments that encourage belonging and mastery for K-12 students.
    Nicole Sandrowicz
    Nicole Sandrowicz is currently an SBTS, School Based Technology Specialist, in Fairfax County Public Schools. Originally from Northeast Pennsylvania, she moved down to NOVA to begin her teaching career in 2015. She began as a classroom teacher for 6 years, teaching between 2nd and 3rd grade. While in the classroom, Nicole gained skills in ESOL and SPED teaching practices. She then spent 1 year as a Special Education teacher. During these years, Nicole attended George Mason University Graduate program for Blended and Online Learning, which fueled her passion to assist teachers in their practice, along with reaching the needs of all students. Outside of work, you can find Nicole reading, spending time with friends, or walking with her dog Moby.

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