Blended Teaching Readiness Survey Resources

Blended Teaching Readiness Survey -

This is a quicklist of resources related to each of the blended teaching competencies.


Chapter 1 - Foundations

Blended Teaching Dispositions focus on the teacher's beliefs and attitudes about blended teaching and learning. 

Basic Technolgy Skills focus on important technology skills for successful blended teaching. 



Chapter 2 - Online Integration

Online Integration focuses on the teacher's ability to make and implement decisions related to selecting when and how to effectively combine online and in-person learning as part of core instruction.

Below are a few video resources from the chapter.

Integrating Online and In-person Teaching

Blended Models

Management Systems and Procedures



Chapter 3 - Data Practices

Data Practices focus on the teacher's ability to use digital tools to monitor student activity and performance in order to make informed choices about interventions to help all students progress.

Below are a few video resources from the chapter.

Mastery-based Teaching Examples

Data Trackers

Goal Setting

Data Informs Learning Activities



Chapter 4 - Personalization

Personalization focuses on the teacher's ability to implement a learning environment that allows for individualized curriculum, pacing, and/or instructional methods and support.

Below are a few video resources from the chapter.

Personalized Learning




Chapter 5 - Online Interaction

Online Interaction focuses on the teacher's ability to facilitate online interactions with and between students.

Below are a few video resources from the chapter.

Dimensions of Interaction

Examples of Online Interaction

Creating Effective Discussion Prompts


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