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    Thanks to Douglas Archibald, Karen Arnesen, Hannah Bateman, and Jessie Curtis who have all made significant contributions to the production and editing of this book, from working on text designs and features to creating the online version.

    Thanks to Erin Morris (www.eemorrisart.com [https://edtechbooks.org/-KTX]) for designing the cover and creating the icons and building images.

    Thanks also to Royce Kimmons for allowing this book to be one of the first on EdTechBooks.org and for his assistance in making our online version function and appear the way we hoped it would.


    Last, but certainly not least, thank you so much to our reviewers listed here by name:

    Colleen Barron

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    Jennifer Gingrich

    Jacob Hall

    David Kanter

    Mary Catherine Keating

    Kathryn Kennedy

    Amelie Krikorian

    Kathryn Maguire

    Chrissy McLaughlin

    Cheryl Mendis

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