Italiano avanzato is an open-access Italian grammar text aimed at the Intermediate-high through Advanced levels (ACTFL).

The text was created with a specific audience in mind: our 300- and 400-level language students at Brigham Young University (BYU), most of whom had lived at least a year in Italy as part of their mission service.

The chapter topics are based on the ACTFL functions associated with the Advanced levels, and were selected and organized after studying several years of OPI and WPT exams taken by our graduating students. 

In the hope that these materials will be useful to instructors and students alike, we chose to use the open access format. All are free to share and adapt its content, provided that the text is acknowledged with a link to this site and its license.

Italiano avanzato is distributed under a CC BY 4.0 license.

We gratefully acknowledge the collaboration of Karlie Hunter, Sam Nagliati, Ashley Salazar-Schumacher, Elizabeth Snow, and Valeria Valentini in the creation of this text (and its associated exercises). We also thank our colleagues Jim Law, for his suggestions and encouragement; Royce Kimmons who developed the platform; Kirsten Thompson for her technical expertise, and Daryl Lee, for his generous departmental support. 

This content is provided to you freely by BYU Open Learning Network.

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