General College Chemistry

Volume 1
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General College Chemistry introduces students to the study of chemistry using an atoms-first approach. The first unit, Atoms, explores the structure of atoms, while reviewing the key historical studies and experiments that led to our modern understanding. Electronic structure and periodic trends are also presented. The second unit, Molecules, presents various models of bonding including Lewis Structures, Valence Bond Theory, and Molecular Orbital Theory, and further develops concepts of isomerism, molecular shape and polarity. The third unit, Interactions, explores the ways that systems of molecules interact with each other, leading to bulk scale properties. These are exemplified using gases and condensed phases and emphasizing intermolecular interactions. The fourth unit, Reactions, introduces chemical equations, reaction stoichiometry, and basic thermochemistry concepts to explore the ways that matter can be rearranged and the energy associated with those changes.
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General College Chemistry.



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