• Session One: Understanding My Role as an Assessor
  • Session Two: Developing Understanding through Media
  • Session Three: Designing Assessment Using Standards for Effective Pedagogy
  • Session Four : Considering Alternative Assessments in Relationship to ELs
  • Session Five: Designing and Developing Assessments
  • Session Six: Debating and Responding to Assessment Issues
  • Session Seven: Developing Knowledge for Practice and Advocacy
  • Session Eight : Revealing My Learning
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  • Translations
  • LA 8.2 Communicating My Unit Plan and My Reasoning

    Sharing My Thinking


    Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

    Demonstrate knowledge and use of a variety of on-going, classroom-based assessments adapted to student needs.

    Assessment: 100 pts.

    TA: 40 Minutes

    Teachers can create unit assessment plans that improve the quality of their assessment and their ability to provide more accurate assessments of the learning of ELs.  They can apply learning about assessments and assessing from the course to individuals in their classrooms.

    Students have developed a report of their learning from the assessment course. They will do presentations in two different groups and give feedback to other presentations.


    1. Form groups of 4 presenters. Each presenter in your group will represent a different final project. If you worked with a partner make sure you are not in a group with your partner.
    2. Each person will make a presentation which teachers your colleagues about your Unit Plan. Your presentation will be 8-10 minutes.
    3. In the presentation, you will begin with the state core standard your unit responds to. Next you will review your plan. you will report the logic of the assessment plan and you will report your reasoning and decision making about the project and finally, you identify and explain adjustments you would make to accomodate the EL student you created a profile on reporting how those adjustments will enable the EL to reveal their learning regardless of where they are in their development of language in English.  

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