LA 7.5 Center 4--Using Standardized Test Scores to Guide Teaching


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Build and demonstrate your assessment literacy and ability to effectively implement the assessment process, and evaluate, select, and construct assessment tasks and procedures; build and demonstrate your ability to effectively attend to evidence from multiple sources in assessing language minority students.

Assessment: pts.

TA: 20 Minutes

Teachers can build and demonstrate their assessment literacy and ability to effectively implement the assessment process by learning how to interpret standardized tests' scores to determine next steps in instruction.

Students have studied concepts and practices for assessing linguistically diverse students during the course. Students now view a Power Point about interpreting standardized test scores. They take notes and discuss how to use these scores in their practice.


  1. As a group, watch the Power Point saved as a pdf document (this means you can view it but not write in it) entitled Understanding Standardized Test Scores.
  1. Complete your notes on the Power Point. Feel free to talk and share ideas. 
  1. Discuss what you learned that was new to you and how you might use this in your practice.

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