• Session One: Understanding My Role as an Assessor
  • Session Two: Developing Understanding through Media
  • Session Three: Designing Assessment Using Standards for Effective Pedagogy
  • Session Four : Considering Alternative Assessments in Relationship to ELs
  • Session Five: Designing and Developing Assessments
  • Session Six: Debating and Responding to Assessment Issues
  • Session Seven: Developing Knowledge for Practice and Advocacy
  • Session Eight : Revealing My Learning
  • Download
  • Translations
  • LA 5.2 Understanding Rubrics and Scoring Guides


    Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position
    • Demonstrate knowledge and use of a variety of on-going, classroom-based assessments adapted to student needs.

    Assessment: pts.

    TA:  20 Minutes

    Teachers can assist student development and achievement as they create rubrics, scoring guides and checklists to enable their students to better understand assignments and assessment questions.

    Students have learned about different types of assessments. They will learn more about rubrics, scoring guides, and checklists to inform their assessment practices.


    1. Instructions

      1. Read the article entitled Scoring Guides and Checklists.  Use the journal column in the reading to record your thoughts and reactions to what you are reading
      2. Write a 1-paragraph summary of the purpose of scoring guides and how the use of completion checklists and quality rubrics can help second language learners be sure they fit their work to the standards.

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