LA 4.4 Planning Assessment for My Unit

Interrogating the Final Assignment


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Understand issues of assessment and accommodation and will use a variety of measurement tools to evaluate English Language Learners for placement, proficiency and instruction.

Assessment: pts. 25 minutes

TA: 20 minutes

Teachers can analyze a unit they teach in terms of what they want students to learn and be able to do. They will reconsider assessments in relationship to goals and objectives. They can accomodate and adjust assessment to support the learning of EL students 

Students have learned about assessment for placement, proficiency and instruction. They now apply this knowledge to adjusting assessments in a unit of their choice to make them more appropriate for English Language Learners. 


    1. In session 8, you will present your final project for the assessment course.  It has three parts. Based on a reconsideration of your snap shot time capsule, you will present a report of what you learned and who your are as an assessor of student learning. Your second report will be a presentation on the Unit Plan you constructed for this class. The third element will be a report on the EL student you accomodated in your Unit plan. 

    2. Today you will begin working on your unit plan. As you review this assignment, the facilitator will answer questions and support you in understanding the entire assignment. Select a curriculum unit of five or more classroom sessions with learning activities based on a standard from the state core. This could be a unit you have previously used and want to increase the quality of your assessments or it can be a new unit plan you have been considering. We suggest a unit you have taught so that your focus is on the assessment rather than the content of the unit.  

    3. Study the Unit Assessment Plan and the Instructional Planning Guide. Working with your partner or indivdually identify questions you have.  

    4. Begin by looking at the Instructional Planning Guide and develop an understanding of the material required to complete the assessment plan for the unit.

    5. Revisit what you learned about the EL student you are accomodating in your assessment plan. Attend to the WIDA scores, Can Do descriptors for the next level of potential develpment, and what you know about this student's background and him/her as a second langauge learner. 

    6. As you consider the plan, begin noting where you might want to adjust it. Think about how your assessments might provide you more and clearer information about student learning. Idenity places where you could adjust the plan or assessments to accomodate the second language learner you are keeping in mind as you create this unit plan. 

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