• Assessment for Linguistically Diverse Students
  • Session One: Understanding My Role as an Assessor
  • Session Two: Developing Understanding through Media
  • Session Three: Designing Assessment Using Standards for Effective Pedagogy
  • Session Four : Considering Alternative Assessments in Relationship to ELs
  • Session Five: Designing and Developing Assessments
  • Session Six: Debating and Responding to Assessment Issues
  • Session Seven: Developing Knowledge for Practice and Advocacy
  • Session Eight : Revealing My Learning
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  • LA 1.1 Exploring Our Assessment Practices

    Considering My Assessment Practices


    Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

    Demonstrate knowledge and use of a variety of on-going, classroom-based assessments adapted to student needs.

    Assessment: 25 pts.

    TA: 15 Minutes

    Teachers can incorporate alternative assessments in their practice with English learners as a means of meeting proficiency levels and interests in assessment.

    Students have learned about alternative assessment and will now consider using a portfolio assessment and a content-area assessment.  


      1. Form small groups of 4-5 students. Working together, create a chart (using chart paper) with five columns labeling them with the following headings (use abbreviations): 

      2. Collectively list all the ways you gather evidence of student learning and performance by category. Include formal and informal assessments.

      3. Now review the List of Possible Assessment activities and add any that you use to your list.

      4. As a whole group, identify which categories you gather evidence of and which you seem to ignore.

      5. Discuss why you gather the evidence you do. Discuss whether assessment in each of these categories is needed and when it would be useful.

      6. In each category that is appropriate for your teaching context, identify a practice you never or seldom use. 

      7. Sign your chart.

      8. Working individually jot a note to yourself about how you might try that practice out in your teaching.

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