HW 6.4 Evaluating and Adjusting Record Keeping

Tracking Student Learning


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Use assessment data to plan, adapt and implement instruction for English language learners according to their level of English language proficiency.

Assessment: 50 pts.

Due: Session 7

Teachers will refine their systems for recording and tracking student learning.

Students have learned about multiple forms of assessment, issues with grading, as well as coherence and alignment. They are now ready to consider how to track student learning and performance. Instructions

1. Identify two people in your school who teach in your subject area or grade level and interview them about their systems for collecting, evaluating and recording student work. In your interview, question them about how they keep track in their recording system of student learning that shows up in classroom discussion, project work or other kinds of informal ongoing assessment.
2.Review the computer programs available for you to track students' work. Examine the complete potential of these systems to include notes, observations, documents.
3.Examine your own record keeping system. The over-arching concern is how will you or do you track student learning both formally and informally to enable you to have an accurate record of student and progress and growth. Identify how you do the following. Keep track of:
a.Assignments and the scores attached
b.Informal ongoing assessment evaluations (such your informal observations of their participation and performance in class activities and group work).
c.Records of authentic assessment performances.
d.Materials from projects that demonstrate growth (or not) to be shared at parent teacher conferences
e.Documents for reporting individual student work.
f.Periodic observations of students’social interactions (particularly in group work or periods before and after class).
4.Create a document where you record what you learned in each area identified in the list above.
5. Outline your current or adjusted and proposed record keeping system.
6. Bring your report of keeping track and your outline of your current, adjusted or proposed system and bring it to class to share in session 7.

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