HW 6.2 Examining Alignment and Coherence in Assessment

Increasing Relevance, Relibility, and Validity of My Assessment


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Understand issues of assessment and accommodation and will use a variety of measurement tools to evaluate English language learners for placement, proficiency and instruction.

Assessment: 50 pts.

Due: Session 7

Based on their understanding of assessment and second language learning, teachers can align their assessment practices so that their planning, teaching and assessment practices are coherent and support ELs in demonstrating what they know and can do.

Students have been introduced to various principles and issues related to assessment of ELs. They are now prepared to analyze coherence and alignment issues among learning goals, teaching strategies and assessment methods.


    1. Briefly review the Assessment Literacy Chart.

    2.Read the Introduction to Coherence and three case studies provided with this assignment. For each case, write one paragraph that summarizes the coherence problem evident in the case and proposes a solution to that problem.

    Click on the following links to access the three case studies: case one, case two, and case three.

    3.Read Top 10 Reasons Why Teachers Would Want to Use Standards-Based Curriculum and Assessment.

    4.Write a brief response to the following questions to prepare for an oral presentation during LA 8.2:

    •What is coherence and why does it matter?

    •What principles must be understood and followed to have successful student-centered, standards-based assessment? 

    •How can attention to the things we have learned from WIDA and Gottlieb help me better address the assessment and learning needs of ELs I teach? 

    •How would you convince a teacher using traditional assessment strategies to begin to try more student-centered, standards-based assessment?

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