AVG 5.2 Selecting and Planning Alternative Assessments

Applying My Learning to Planning Assessments



1. In your working group, please review this powerpoint (Putting it all together) and take notes on the outline of the powerpoint about what you believe is important. Then confer with the group about what you learned. 

2. After you review the powerpoint, work with a partner. Based on the earlier powerpoint, the work on alternative assessments using the VideoEthnography, this powerpoint, and your review of the Assessment Marketplace in the last session, each of you identify one or two of the informal assessments you want to use for your final project.

3. Consider what you learned from the Gottlieb assessment process powerpoint you reviewed at the beginning of class today. After identifying the assessments you want to use for your final project, fill in Conceptualizing Alternative Assessments in terms of that assessment.

4. As you work through the questions, you should solidify your inital design for one of the informal assessments. Feel free to collaborate with a colleague as you answer the questions. Post a saved copy of your worksheet to your facilitator.  

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