LA 6.1 Debating the Value of High Stakes Testing

Articulating My Reasoning


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Acknowledge and follow local, state and federal laws and policies as they pertain to ELLs and their assessment.

Assessment: 25pts.

TA: 20 Minutes

Teachers can prepare English Learners for high stakes testing through learning about kinds of test questions and helping students understand the process.

Students have learned about and developed expertise in classroom-based assessment of students. Now they consider high stakes testing that is external to the classroom. They will explore the benefits and draw-backs of high stakes testing as they consider pro and con statements from literature in the field.


1.Working in your PLC group, share how your opinions about high stakes testing have shifted based on HW 5.4.

2.Next you will engage in a debate about high stakes testing within your group. Two of you will speak to the pros of high stakes testing and the other two will speak to the cons.

3. Take a few minutes for the partners to confer. Develop the assertions you want to make and note details you think will support you in responding to the assertions and defense the opposite team makes.

4. Begin with each group making their initial assertsion--the pros make their assertion followed by the cons rebutting their assertion.

4.Second the cons make their assertion and then the pros rebut their assertion.

5. Using post-it notes, the pros in your group write a sentence summarizing their position, and the cons write a sentence summarizing their position.

6.Post these on the charts provided by the facilitator and quickly review comments other pro and con groups have made.  

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