LA 3.1 Deepening Knowledge of Standards for Effective Pedagogy

Building on Prior Knowledge


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Understand issues of assessment and accommodation and will use a variety of measurement tools to evaluate English language learners for placement, proficiency and instruction.

Assessment:  25 pts.

TA: 30 Minutes

Teachers can utilize the CREDE standards for effective pedagogy to guide their instruction with ELLS to increase participation by English language learners in learning in class.

Students are learning about assessing English language learners for identification, placement, and instruction that will enable learners to perform well in assessments.


  1. Skim read  with a partner the Tharp article on the CREDE Standards for Effective Pedagogy and review the Five Standards Tool. (Reminder: Language and Literacy Development (LLD) and Challenging Activities (CA) are (meta) goals for our instruction with ELS. Joint Productive Activity (JPA), Contextualization (CTX) and Instructional Conversations (IC) are the strategies a teacher can use to reach these goals.) Click and download this link to read the Tharp article.
  2. Next record on the “Understanding the Five Standards of Effective Pedagogy from CREDE” chart. In the second column summarize your thinking about and understanding of each standard. You could define the standard, identify indicators or provide ideas from the artice you resonated with.  
  3. Now with that same partner skim read Leading for Equity doc. Underline what you already know. Highlight in yellow things you want to remember. Highlight in pink things you still wonder about. You can use the highlight function in word or download the document and use highlighters. 
  4. Continue with the chart. In the third column add notes about how teachers develop in using Language and Literacy Development (LLD), Challenging Activities (CA), and Instructional Conversation (IC).  Now add your ideas about how and where you could incorporate these standards in your teaching. 
  5. Continue working with your partner and talk about how you think teachers could use  JPA and CTX in reaching the meta goals of LLD and CA. Record your individual thinking in the column on teacher development. Consider how you personally might enact these practices in your teaching. Record your ideas in the fourth column.
  6. Now in your PLC group, review togther your marking of the article and share your ideas about how and where in your teaching you are already attending to the five standards and where you might shift your practices to attend particularly with ELs.
  7. Finally in completing your HW 3.1, identify which of the three WIDA emphasized standards (LLD, CA, or IC) you will attend to this week and then in your HW 3.1 reflect on your actions and thinking. You might want to look at a short video on the Five Standards (

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